Ja oder Nein – die wichtigste Frage im Arbeitsleben

26. Oktober 2013

Da ist mir doch ein wichtiges Email ins Postfach geflattert. Ich möchte diesen Text gerne weiter verbreiten denn er ist sehr nützlich und praxisorientiert. Ja oder Nein hat ja wirklich eine fundamentale Auswirkung auf uns, unser Arbeitsleben und auf unsere Innovationsfähigkeit.

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Accept Refuse Buttons Shows Approved Or Rejected

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Back in the day when my son was little he had no problem saying „No!“ In fact, NO was in his vocabulary long before YES! Maybe this is true for many 3 year olds because they hear „No!“ more often. Whatever the reason, when we were little we, too, probably had little difficulty letting everyone know exactly what we didn’t want to do.

Fast forward. Now that we’re all ‚grown up‘ we sometimes say yes when we really want to say no. I wonder what changed. Maybe we worry that NO might cause others to think badly of us; that we’re incompetent or shirking responsibility. Maybe we say YES because we see ourselves as indispensable or believe others won’t or can’t do it as well as we can.

What we forget to realize is saying yes to one thing often means saying no to something else. And many times we’re saying no to what we need to do to take better care of ourselves. At the end of the day, we’re overwhelmed or over-extended.

The irony is when we agree to do more than we can realistically handle we probably don’t do it very well. And even if we do, we end up exhausted from doing everything or angry for having to do yet something else that cuts into what little time we have for ourselves. Not to mention all the times saying yes robs someone else of the opportunity to learn and grow.

We fail to realize that some times we have a choice.

If you think you may be saying yes more than you need to, ask yourself first, „What am I saying no to?“ Then practice the art of the ‚coherent no‘: Heart-focused breathing. Heart feeling. „No!“

When no is truly better for you it’s better for everyone else. No worry, no guilt, no more.

Take care,

Kim Allen

Reprinted by permission, HeartMath, LLC 2012

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