Misplaced Time

26. September 2015

Das ist ein Mailing von Kim Allen. Ich finde das Beschriebene nützlich und richtig, ja und ohne Zeit keine Innovation. Ich gebe zu, dass das eigentliche Problem mit dem geschilderten Verfahren nicht gelöst wird, aber normalerweise kann man das auch nicht lösen.


Misplaced Time

I start most of my workshops with the same question: ‚What stresses you?‚ When I asked that question in Guadalajara, Mexico, I was not surprised to see at the top of the list, No bastante tiempo! People everywhere experience what experts tell us is one of the major sources of stress: The perception we don’t have enough time.

Whether real or imagined, maybe the true culprit is how we’re spending what little time we think we have.

Case in point: Make a list of the conversations, events, and situations that caused you to feel stressed the last 3 or 4 days. Go beyond the obvious stuff and consider the little things: The long line at the grocery store; that email from your boss; the argument with your spouse; the extra inning game your team lost, etc. Estimate how much time you spent worrying, fretting, reacting or getting irritated or annoyed over each of these events. (Are you still feeling guilty about that argument?) Add it all up.

Now revisit the same 3 or 4 days, and consider all the events, conversations, etc. you enjoyed. Feel better? How much time did you spend paying attention to this list? If you’re like most people, you focus more on the other list. Yet every time you do, you recreate the same stressful feelings and rarely resolve anything. Talk about a waste of time!

So until someone figures out a way to add more hours to the day why not make the most of the time you do have?

  1. Pay attention to and appreciate the positive situations, events, relationships, thoughts and emotions in your life. Each time you do you’ll reduce your stress and feel better.
  2. Become more aware of the situations, events, relationships, thoughts and emotions that are negative. Ignoring them creates the constant level of stress most people have grown accustomed to. Then stop the stressful feeling by repeating #1.Kim Allen

The best part is this takes no longer than saying, „I don’t have enough time for this!“

Take Care,
Kim Allen

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Viel Erfolg

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