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21. November 2015

Ich stolpere in letzter Zeit immer wieder über tolle Texte mit einem Bezug zu unserem Thema – diesmal ein Mailing von www.heartmath.com Es ist das Thanksgiving-Mail, aber der Text ist universell:

Pass the Gravy


sokaeiko pixelio.de

Thankfulness. Admiration. Understanding. Gratitude. These are all aspects of a powerful human emotion we call appreciation. Science shows us when we feel appreciation all systems in the body, including the brain, work in greater harmony. A sincere feeling of appreciation has the power to change how we see our lives and the world around us.

Most know the importance of appreciation, especially this time of year when we gather around the turkey with family and friends. But what about all the other days of our lives? I know. Life is too complicated. There’s just too much to do. Besides, what is there to be thankful for when we’re dealing with tough issues like job security, relationships, finances or health?

Perhaps the real reason we reserve appreciation for our late autumn ritual and don’t apply it as much as we could, would or should is we forget. Or maybe we simply don’t have a practical way to do it. So, I’ll make it easy: Recall one thing in your life you take for granted and spend 30 seconds feeling appreciation for it. NOW!

Remember, it’s just about impossible to feel appreciation AND worry or anxiety or frustration, etc. at the same time. And that’s something to appreciate!

Here are some other ways you can add more appreciation to every day:

  • Every day tell someone – a friend, loved one or co-worker – one thing you appreciate about them.
  • Find three things to appreciate about a tough situation you’re facing. I promise: # 2 and #3 are easier than #1!
  • On your way to work, appreciate the scenery. It sure beats worrying about all you have to do!
  • When you pick up the phone or answer an email, find one thing to appreciate about the person on the other end. You don’t always have to say it; feeling it is what’s important.
  • Once a week, take turns sharing what it is everyone appreciates about each other around the dinner table.
  • Make a list of all you appreciate about yourself.

Happy Thanksgiving day!
Kim Allen

Zitat Ende

Viel Erfolg

Gottfried Schaffar

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