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The New News – ein Artikel von Alan Cohen

7. Juni 2015

Ein sehr bemerkenswerter Artikel von Alan Cohen flatterte in mein elektronisches Postfach. Ich darf ihn mit Genehmigung hier wiedergeben:

The New News

Sitting backstage at a network television studio in a large metropolitan city, I waited to go on the air for an interview. My segment was scheduled right after the noon news broadcast, which began with a gory account of a murder, then a rape, then war footage, followed by bad economic news and a political scandal. I began to feel depressed, but consoled myself that the broadcast would get to more positive reports. It didn’t. The entire fifteen minutes was filled with gloom and doom, nothing anyone in his right mind would want to get up in the morning and face. Eventually I just had to laugh. The news was beyond depressing. It was ridiculous. It was unbelievable . Finally, after the closing sortie of auto accidents and snarled traffic, the broadcaster announced, „. . .and now for a great new book by an author who is going to tell you how to live a happy life.“

The camera turned to me.

Suddenly I became Neo in the movie The Matrix, in which wizard Morpheus extends two open hands, a red pill in one palm and a blue pill in the other. If Neo ingests the red pill, he will awaken to his true self and the real world. If he takes the blue pill, he will remain in a familiar but oppressive world of illusions.
I sat up straight and reached for the red pill. I told the audience that is our birthright and fear the imposter. I took a stand for living authentically in a world consumed by illusions. I told the viewers that they deserved better than the world showed them, and they held power over their lives regardless of the insanity around them. It was the only news I knew how to broadcast.
After the program, the anchor, a highly-respected lifetime journalist, took me aside and told me, „I agree with you completely. I get depressed coming to this job. There has to be more to life than the world we are telling people there is.“
The reality we have been shown has been twisted into the polar opposite of truth. You have likely told someone about a valued vision of yours, to which he or she responded, „Get real!“ Suddenly your excitement was reduced to ashes and you either gave up your quest or you had to once again build up the courage and momentum to forge ahead. Take care to share your sacred visions with people who will empower you, not attempt to gobble your hopes in the shredder of doubt. If you have even one or two good friends who understand you and believe in you, that is sufficient. And if it seems that no one understands or supports you, Higher Power has your back. Even when you do not have faith in yourself, God has faith in you.
When most people say, „Get real,“ they mean, „Get small. Get limited. Get stuck. I am trapped in my little fear-bound world, and your expansive vision is threatening to me. So I demand that you grovel in the mud with me. How dare you rock my tiny world with greater possibilities!“ The premise is that success and happiness are unattainable illusions, while struggle and suffering are realities we must adjust to and live with…
So the next time someone tells you, „Get real,“ take their advice as the highest compliment. Thank the speaker for reminding you to be who you are and do what you are here to do. Your purpose on earth goes far beyond satisfying critics or proving yourself according to standards others set for you. Your purpose is to recognize the greatness within you and deliver it. Show the world what is real by establishing yourself in vision, not division. Invite naysayers to meet you on higher ground. They need your reality far more than you need theirs. (Zitatende)

Also ich finde, das ist nachdenkenswert

Viel Erfolg

Gottfried Schaffar

PS.: hier der Link zum Orginalartikel und ein Link zum Autor Alan Cohen


Der Turbo zur Innovation „More Like Yourself“

9. September 2013

Wir passen uns oft an die Erwartungen von Kunden, Freunden und Partnern an. Daran ist nichts aus zu setzte, aber Ihrer Innovationskraft schadet das ganz sicher. Wir überlegen uns oft wie wir erfolgreicher sein können. Ich darf aus dem letzten „Easeletter“ von Alan Cohen zitieren:

The answer to all of these questions is the same:  Be who you are. Be more of who you are. Be all of who you are.  Your greatest career and relationship asset is authenticity. To the extent that you are true to your passions, skills, and intuition, you will succeed gloriously. If you compromise, lie, over-adapt, or sell out, you will still be wandering and wondering “What should I do?”  There is really only one answer to “What should I do?”  Just be you. … I suggest that you do understand your own material, and that while there may be seeming quirks in who recognizes your identity and worth, the people who most matter will recognize who you are and what you bring to the party.


Ich gebe zu, der oben zitierte Text gilt nicht nur für Innovationen, er gilt für jede Beschäftigung, eigentlich für das ganze Leben. Darf ich eine Übung vorschlagen? Machen Sie sich die Wahrheit des oben stehenden Textes mindestens dreimal pro Tag klar.

Viel Erfolg

Gottfried Schaffar