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Atmen für eine gute Innovation?

14. Juni 2015

Na ja, der Titel ist etwas dick aufgetragen, aber wenn ich anstehe mache ich diese Übung:


Breathing for Memory

After reading…, I’m sure you now understand the importance that proper breathing can haue for your memory. Your brain needs oxygen to function at peak performance levels. This … will guide you through a simple breathing exercise to expand your lungs and increase oxygen flow to your brain.

The Complete Breath

Oliver Mohr @

Oliver Mohr @

1. Stand or sit erect, with a straight spine.

2 Inhale steadily through the nostrils, filling the lower part of your lungs first. Your abdomen will push out.

3. Fill the middle part of your lungs, pushing out the lower ribs, breastbone, and chest.

4. Fill the next highest part of the lungs, expanding and lifting the upper chest, and the upper six or seven pairs of ribs.

5. Draw the abdomen in slightly in Order to fill the highest part of the lungs.

6. Retain your breath for several seconds. This will allow maximum contact with the lung surfaces, and result in an optimal intake of Oxygen.

7. Exhale quite slowly, holding the chest in a firm Position, drawing the abdomen slightly inward and upward. When the air is completely exhaled, relax the chest and abdomen.

The complete breath is vitally important. Make your inhale two to three seconds long. Hold your breath for five seconds and breathe out for two to three seconds. Continue for five turns. You may practice The complete Breath as often as you like.

(Zitatende) aus dem Buch „The better Memory Kit“ von Dharma Singh Khalsa. MD.

Viel Erfolg

Gottfried Schaffar