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Innovation im Schlaf?

9. September 2014

Im Schlaf sind wir sehr kreativ, es werden nicht nur Probleme des Tages „behandelt“ sondern auch neu Lösungen gefunden. Vielleicht haben wir im Stress des Alltags einfach die Lösung übersehen oder es ist vielleicht eine ganz neue Lösung für ein anstehendes Problem. Klar, man muss ich an den Traum erinnern. Bücher mit Listen der verschiedenen Bedeutungen sind absolut sinnlos, da wir aus dem sozialen Kontext heraus träumen. Ich finde das alte Buch „Die positive Kraft der Träume“ von Ann Faraday sehr gut.

Allerdings gibt da ein Problem: um sich an Träume zu erinnern darf man nicht völlig fertig und ausgelaugt ins Bett sinken – zumindest ist das bei mir so der Fall.

Ich mache mir für Autofahrten immer eine CD mit MP3s von interessanten Vorträgen. Neulich habe ich vom HayHose World Summit 2013 LEON NACSON INTERVIEWED BY JESSICA ORTNER gehört. Lesen Sie einmal welche Erkenntnisse im Traum möglich sind – auch wenn viele Menschen darüber nicht sprechen:


ORTNER: Yeah. You made a really good point before when you said that sometimes through your dreams you become aware of a problem that you didn’t know was still impacting you. So that in itself is just amazing because it leads you to focusing on the unconscious emotions that are impacting you and that now you can actually have the power to be present and proactive about it. So I nd that really interesting. You also mentioned before that dreams help us problem solve in our mind. Do we have the ability to proactively do this, so if we are having a problem right now make the intention or so something so that we’re able to nd some kind of solution through our dreams? NACSON: Absolutely. We’re all equipped with the mechanisms to solve any of our problems if we give our focus to them. Some of the most incredible problems of the universe have been solved through a dream. Like you mentioned at the beginning of our discussion that the theory of relativity, Einstein’s theory, came from a dream. And what the story around this is that Einstein had a problem working out the theory. And so in a dream he saw himself on a sled zipping down the slopes but all of a sudden he was moving as quickly as time and light in the dream. So it started off as moving as quickly as time and that’s easy to do, and then all of a sudden he’s moving at the speed of light, and then there goes the illumination and he worked out, I don’t know how he did it, but E=MC².


Bernd Kasper;

The Singer sewing machine was invented by Eliza [sic] Howe, and up to then every single needle had an eye but it was at the back of the needle. In the dream, there was natives chasing him and the natives had spears but the eye of the, well, the point of the spear had a hole in it and the vines inside that were connecting the spears were at the, right at the front, right at the spearhead. And so, when they threw the spear, they pulled on the vine and the spear came back, exactly how a mechanical sewing machine works. Instead of having the eye at the back, it’s at the front. And therefore, it can recoil. The benzene atom was invented, was seen, a snake eating itself, and that’s the symbol of the benzene atom. And so, all these problems were solved through the dream state and each o-, and there’s many, many more examples. The most beautiful examples I love are the songs and the movies and the artistry that comes out of a dream. It’s well-documented that Paul McCartney dreamt the words of “Yesterday” and “Long and Winding Road” [sic] and those sort of songs from melodies in a dream. It’s well-documented that Billy Joel has many, many of his songs and the lyrics from dreams.

But my favorite one of all is Bono from U2. He fell asleep listening to a Roy Orbison CD and when he woke up he had a song in his head that he really believed was on that CD. So before his concert he played the CD and he couldn’t nd that particular song. So he asked all the other band members, do you know this song? And they didn’t recognize it as a Roy Orbison song. It happened that Roy Orbison went to one of their concerts and went backstage and wanted to see the band, and of course they let him in and Bono said to Roy, “This song of yours has been plaguing me,” and he played it for him and he said, “Which song is it?” And Roy said, “That’s not one of my songs but I’ll have it.” And the song was, “She’s a Mystery Girl” [sic], and it was huge hit for Roy Orbison, “She’s a Mystery Girl,” and it came in a dream that Bono had. So there’s a lot of creativity coming from our dreams. All we have to do is pay attention to it and actually believe that we can solve any problem by sleeping on it. But I recommend that you don’t go to sleep with the problem with any angst or any determination and it’s more a relaxed mindfulness. Just visualize that it will come to you and have patience because the universe takes a while to catch up, not going to tell you overnight but over time it will come. And be relaxed about it and any problem can be solved.

Zitat Ende

Na sollte man(n) das nicht einmal probieren? Klar, ein wenig Übung und das ernst-nehmen des Geträumten gehört dazu.

Ja, klar – wenn Sie „Ihre“ Firma nur stresst und quält werden Sie kaum sich in der Nacht mit Innovationsproblemen beschäftigen, aber das wissen die Organisationsberater und die Controller noch nicht. Sollte man es den Organisationsberatern und die Controllern nicht einmal sagen?

Viel Erfolg

Gottfried Schaffar